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Thread: Satellite radio mentioned in hit song?

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    Satellite radio mentioned in hit song?

    At the company spring break picnic this weekend. The young kids/teenagers where all dancing to this song where the lyrics say something I thought about sat radio. I asked the teenagers who sings that song they said Black Eyed Peas its the boom - boom song.I am like what a group named after a vegetable wow ? I am to old, anyway I looked it up when I arrived home on I tunes I Noticed it has been out since March 30th and almost 8,000 people have rated this song /commented ! and its the top song . So what the heck, I bought it and sure enough there is a lyric about sat radio. At 2:10 in the song its says ( here we go, here we go, satellite radio you get hit with the boom boom boom ) The music, the group. like ,dont like ,I dont care I just see a (Hit song?) that says satellite radio in it. Now where is some Sirius marketing with this group? Heck get the Sirius/XM logo on those concert T shirts, Banner at the stadium, Get this group on the Sirius/XM channels that play them to talk about the song ,. Any body else know of a song that says satellite radio in it?

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    No songs, but Pinneapple Express has a line in it about sat radio. He says he has it, and someone says, you have the cutting edge of entertainment. Its in the first scene with the main character drug dealer guy, guy from Spiderman. Check it out.

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    Haven't you heard Steve Earle's song??

    They were playing it a lot in rotation on The Spectrum and possibly The Coffee House last year. Catchy little hit.

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    nice tune,it's stuck in my head now

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    Satellite radio is becoming a hit with major artists. They are recognizing the benefits of going on satrad and hitting millions of fans at one time, rather that FM where they only hit a local base.

    Several songs I have heard mention either a station, or a dj on sirius xm.

    go sirius xm!

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