I was sitting in a Vill just south of the Mekong River in "73".....No, war wasn't over. There was this small Jukebox in the cornor of this hooch bar. I looked at it not thinking that there could possibly be any American music on it. DAMN, a song just played by "BONEYARD" was on the SOB. hahaha. "Sweet Loraine by Uriah Heep, and July Morning, by the same group." I liked to S--T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, when I heard the song "Sweet Loraine" this morning on Boneyard, the memories came flooding back.
I have loved this station since the first "Boneyard", and now, it's even better. Thank God don't have to listen to "Hair Nation anymore"........Ghostman, a very old METAL HEAD from ARKANSAS,,,,,Hey Trunk, love your show,,,,,,,g