Hello all, great forum here. Just bought a Starmate 5 for my girlfriends birthday coming up this Friday and I will be installing it in her 2006 Nissan Sentra.

I'm looking for any tips on a clean install soundwise and visually. I have read that the instructions for hooking up the antenna are not the best, any better solutions are encouraged, please.

The car's radio has an Aux input on the front so I will be buying a 1/8' to 1/8' male wire to use to connect from the Starmate to the radio since I feel it will yield a clearer signal than FM modulation and is cheaper ($5 or so at radio shack) than the FM input boxes I see being sold. I know there will be one wire hanging but I feel ease of connection and clearness of sound make it worth it.

I am looking to avoid using the lighter adapter for power, how hard would it be to hardwire power into something on the car?

Pretty much I'm open to any and all suggestions. Thanks a lot!