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Thread: Intraday OFFTOPIC Thread: Politics, Religion, Whatever. Enter at your own risk!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiriusBuzz View Post
    I would be for the death penalty but, I have heard on numerous occasions that it is actually more expensive to kill someone then to keep them alive. That is just bad business IMO.
    This is true, Ive seen the same figures. Always made me wonder how that could be possible. So why not let them live, right? What if they didnt do it? Let God judge them. If its cheaper to keep them alive, why not? Maybe they repent.

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    relmor: That is fine. Keep them alive, but let them do manual labor. There is no reason they cannot work for their keep. What happened to them making license plates? With a little land, they can do farming and help to provide as much as possible of the vegetables and what-not that the prison needs for food. Teach them to sew and let the prisoners make the uniforms. There is no reason that a prison should not be at least mostly self-sufficient. The more they work, the more perks they get. If they dont work, they dont get anything more than food and a cell. Wow, just like in life. Isn't that a novel idea?

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