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Thread: SiriusXM starting to distinguish itself?

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    SiriusXM starting to distinguish itself?

    Was just talking with a member here this weekend about this exact thing:

    "Mon, Apr 6 '09 10:34pm
    Several shows from The Deadís upcoming spring tour ( will be broadcast on SIRIUS XMís Grateful Dead Channel. The live broadcasts will kick off with The Dead's show at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA, on Saturday, April 18. In addition to live concert broadcasts, SIRIUS XM listeners will ďhave access to behind-the-scenes updates from various stops along on the tour.Ē David Lemieux, the bandís archivist and host of the Grateful Dead Channel's "Today in Grateful Dead History," and Grateful Dead Almanac editor Gary Lambert will host the live broadcasts. Listeners will also be able to call into the station at 1-877-767-DEAD"

    This is exactly the kind of thing they need to do more of. Hopefully this is not a one off. I'd like to see them dedicate a channel or two (maybe one rock...all genre's and one country) to live concerts (and replays). This might even be an upcharge or a Pay Per Listen on the internet side. If this get's cultivated correctly, I could see live concerts being a big draw for SiriusXM

    What other ways could SiriusXM start to distinguish itself?

    How about allowing more online interactivity with the subscriber... Maybe something like letting the user put his preferences on specific groups or songs and then get an e-mail (or sms?) notifying when those songs/groups will be coming up.

    That Kindle reader accesses Sprint's network (i think) for downloads. Seems like they need to at least be in some design phases for a new device that incorporates a satellite receiver, wireless, and maybe a chip to access broadband on one of the networks. Have a browser capability on it and let the user have access to online apps like the MLB app (and all the other sports that are sure to follow), yet have access to the satellite portion when you are out of 3g range, exceeded your download quota, whatever.

    Just thinking out loud, but would be interested in reading your ideas. Not a bid Dead fan, but I'm excited at the possibility this could become something bigger.

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    There are alot of cool shows on SIRI! The problem lies in the lame press releases that they announce them in. I guess it is all finance driven...but there has to be a better way to announce all these limited and special shows they feature. The Tom Petty show I listened to was awesome..I think there were also exclusive limited shows recently from Bruce Springsteen...and I suspect there will start to be a string of concert type engagements that one can get on the service here shortly based on this news and recent history. They should dabble in Pay per listen type stuff for folks who don't have a way of attracting new regulars. this Dead Head stuff...offer a 1 or 2 day listening capability for 1.99 to this exclusive content and maybe an associated channel or channels that play that style of music, if they like it they just might get hooked on the service.

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