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Thread: Eureka...minimum wage goes up

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    Eureka...minimum wage goes up

    I just put all of the pieces together...SIRI keeps advertising 43c per day.... and i just saw that the minimum wage goes up 70c an hour on July 24th....

    many minimum wage workers will be able to get sirius now...

    Of the 76.5 million people paid by the hour in the United States in 2006, 2.2% make minimum wage or less.

    Most minimum wage earners are young. While 2.2% of all hourly workers earn minimum wage or less, just 1.4% of workers over the age of 25 are paid at or below the Federal minimum wage. More than half (51.2%) of minimum wage workers are between 16 and 24 years old. Another 21.2% are between 25 and 34.

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    It's about time. I haven't had a raise in a while.

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