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Thread: Internet radio down?

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    Internet radio down?

    anyone else having trouble accessing xmro this morning?

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    Quote Originally Posted by treblig View Post
    anyone else having trouble accessing xmro this morning?
    Nope, the Sirius 128k stream is up and running, can't say much about XMRO, as I don't have that one.XM wants $12.99 a month form me if I want that one, it doesn't matter to them that I already have a SIRIUS SAT-Radio and it's 128k stream..........they still want $12.99 a month if I want XMRO............I guess they think I'm Bank Of America or something
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    People really need to check the news. I noticed that Ryan at Orbitcast printed a nice BASH piece, yet an article describing Sirius XM's attempts to automate and update its internet service would be ongoing through next week due to a glitch that had affected the pricing.

    We had seen several articles describing bait and switch which the company is trying to rectify.

    This article published this am makes it clear that the company is trying to correct a problem.

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    I wish month to month would be able to "Lock in" free streaming. I guess being a subscriber since 03' they must think I'm will cancel my subscription.

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