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Thread: What is satellite radio's cell phone strategy?

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    Thanks Tyler. Now if Sirius and XM can get some good quality content on cell phones (ie Howard) and eventually get just a 5% penetration rate you are talking another 10 million subscribers.

    Cell phone audio entertainment will make the iPod obsolete within a few years. The iPod is history.

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    So basically as we head into 2008 there are probably just as many cell phone subscribers in the US as there are cars on the road - 230 million.

    Cell phones are a distribution channel that just cannot be ignored.

    1. Cars
    2. internet
    3. Cell Phones

    Its a no brainer for radio distribution.

    Tyler - I would like to see you write an article on the whole cell phone strategy from satellite radio. From what I have read Sirius has a deal with Sprint and XM has deals with AT&T and Alltel. I would like to see some insight into future moves, the possibility for satellite chipsets in cellphones and maybe even an interview with people from the 2 companies.

    Here is a Forbes article from 2006 on this topic. It has comments from analyst David Bank from RBC

    Another article from entitled -

    The Cell Phone-Satellite Radio Connection
    When The Two Finally Converge, Satellite Radio will Come Into Its Own

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