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Thread: Radiosat 5 and 6

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    Radiosat 5 and 6

    Hi. Please excuse me if anyone feels I'm posting in the wrong section, but I believe it's stock related...

    I found what I thought were some interesting things...

    A description of SXM's next satellites.... more advanced, and Geostationary instead of Geosynchronous, better for smaller devices.

    and a Russian Launch Manifest...

    Says Radiosat 5 is supposed to go up in June and Radiosat 6 is supposed to go up 2Q 2010.

    Maybe you SiriusBuzz veterans already knew this.

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    yes it has...but you made a good catch about the small devices (like my xmp3, this is great for the future devices!)

    . It will carry a range of technologies, including a 9-meter unfurlable reflector, which will allow for highly-concentrated transmissions to small, advanced devices.

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