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Those stats were from "Car and Driver" magizine.

Also get off the global warming issue we are not total idiots here. You have no proof that it is man doing it or if it is the cycles of the sun. I know you read the post I had to you in that thread, inwhich I discussed the temps just before the Little Ice Age where higher then they are now. As a matter of fact they made the statement in that show (the history channel) about the reason for the name of the country Greenland being Greenland. I also asked you in that thread what industrial development was going on then??????? I also told you you better get with the times because it is not called global warming anymore they changed that to global climate change. Thats because the same people you believed before (who not 20 or 30 years prior said we going into another ice age) have started to change their minds again and are saying the we could go into a ice age now. You want to know why???? well you have to keep up because they think we are going to have lower tempitures on average for the next 12 to 20 years.
I quess the facts that the overwhelming majority of scientists in this country say global warming is real and caused by man doesnt impress you. Sorry you choose to be prefer to believe in ideology over science. Hard to argue with someone like you.