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Thread: Significance of our two newest insitutional owners(not that new I know).

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    Significance of our two newest insitutional owners(not that new I know).

    JENNISON ASSOCIATES LLC 169,457,749 4.47 $20,334,929 31-Dec-08
    PUTNAM INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT, LLC 129,416,830 3.41 $15,530,019 31-Dec-08
    APOLLO MANAGEMENT IV, L.P. 91,857,857 2.42 $11,022,942 31-Dec-08

    Here are our two new biggest stockholders(other than Malone of course). 2 companies since the stock price tanked hard have bought up enough shares to be the next 2 largest holders. I wonder why a bigger media deal was never made of this. According to their transaction lists, it is actually one of the higher dollar value transactions they made in the entire Q4. Anyone know the reputation of these institutions. One has their top holdings as Google, doesn't seem to dumb to me. I noticed they also added a ton of commodity companies in the quarter, so definately no dummies. Interesting, and further explains the huge drop in price. Someone wanted a ton of shares under .30 cents, and they got them. I would be curious to see their Q1 reports of stock ownership. I wonder if Apollo finally added shares.

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    HUGE hitters here. I'm a little dude. Gotta start some where. I'm still trying to buy more before its so expensive that I cant. Good find BTW.

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    They will definitely be rewarded for their patients.

    As we will also!

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