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Thread: under the rug

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    Unhappy under the rug

    How long is it going to take for our stock to move back the other way? With the news of GM and the auto industry, I'm thinking that it will go down a little more. I'd like to see the news of GM swept under the rug because its unfair to our stock price. I'm going to say at least to the end of the week before things settle down. Whats your take?

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    Never can tell with this stock of ours....

    I would say we need some good news on the iphone app, good Q1 cost cutting/synergy revenue, subs heading in the right direction in Q1 and some more good news on the world economy as a whole......

    Maybe .50 a share by mid-April or so, if we're lucky!!! I'm actually lovin' this stand-still/drop we're in right now.......I CAN BUY MORE AT A BETTER COST!!!



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