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    Exclamation Expressing my Views

    I sent this to Mr. Zellner, Joe Bonadonna, and Gregg Steele at Sirius today. Rather harsh but I have never been known to hold my true feelings back, especially when it comes to music.

    Well well well, another letter to the persons who program the music for Sirius channels. This morning during the 9 o'clock hour I heard Rush's Circumstances and then in the 10 o'clock hour I heard Rush's Fly By Night. Why is this? Its because the program directors for The Boneyard are not fully educated on how to complete a playlist without repeating the same bands over and over again.
    I am going to give it to you in the simplest way that I can, since your simple playlist are for the simple minds make them out as well as those that listen to them and think that they are good.

    Lets start with Classic Vinyl. Good station BAD PLAYLIST. The Moody Blues are not a Rock group they are a light music group that belong on the 70's channel. Stop playing wimpy artist like Al Stewart, move to the elevator channel. If Bruce has his own channel why do you constantly replay his music on Classic Vinyl? Just a hint, there is music more to Lynyrd Skynyrd than 3 Steps and Free Bird. Get a hold of someone that has some knowledge of the history of rock music and getting a play that doesn't resemble my local hits channel will help in subscriptions. Question???

    Classic Rewind, This is the station that is supposed to rock and frankly it doesn't even roll half the time. Please refrain from playing one hit wonders from the MTV era. One hit wonders belong on the 80's and 90's channels. Greg Kin and The Fix are not rockers from the second era of classic rock. 38 Special, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allaman Brothers, The Cars, Boston, LEO, Blue Oyster Cult, etc. Once again you are showing your lack of music knowledge by playing the simpleton playlists.

    Now The Bonehead..oooops Boneyard.
    This station is a disgrace to music variety at the highest level available. Your playlist consist of the following groups played over and over and over and over and over again all in the same 4 hour period. Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Metalica, Megadeth, Rainbow, Dio, Rush, Helix (WTF???) Billy Squire????,Van Halen, Judas Priest B.O.C., Maybe a few others that I have missed but like I said, Billy Squire?? Hard and Classic??? Helix?? Talk about a 1....well they didn't even have a hit just a decent 1st album. Lets broaden your little music minds and see if we can get you out of your simpleton music seat. Look around boys the world is full of many more bands than the ones you play on Boneyard.

    You see when The BUZZSAW was around these simpleton playlists weren't played because the DJ's ROCKED!! Everything on that station KICKED ASS!!! They played it all and they didn't play the same old groups all the time like what is done NOW!!
    I no longer hear the Southern Rock, The Blues Rock, The Classic Rock, The Hard Rock, The overall blast your volume all the way to eleven Rock.....Instead I hear simpleton playlists created by uneducated simpleton program directors.
    Do us all a favor in this time of economic hardship, make it worth our money to keep paying for satellite radio like it was before the merger.

    Bring Back The BUZZSAW!!
    Sean Mahoney, Peru Indiana
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