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Thread: Hello new member here

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    Hello new member here

    I use to visit another site that by the look of it, is dead. So here I am. Been a Sirius subscriber since 03'. Was a very huge supporter of Sirius up until recently. I hate for my first post to be a complaint but I need to vent.

    I was going cancel my 2 radio subscription on March 1st., however they talked me out of it by offering me a Starmate 5 and 3 months free since I was a long time subscriber Well that's where the trouble started. 2 hours later they turned off my radio and charged me 18.95. I called and was on hold for almost an hour. Thought I straighten everything. Called back a few hours later because my radios were not activated again was on hold for 1.5 hours.. by this time I was furious. Spoke to the CSR and they said they had no idea what I was talking about. Asked for a manager and I was told that a manager would call me back the next day. Never received the phone called. Called back on March 2nd. On hold for too long again.. still nothing and another charge on my bill. Asked to speak to a manager again.. Again a Manager will call you back. Finally after 3 more days of going around and around and hearing CSR telling me nothing is noted on my account. March 5th I spoke to another CSR and he said he can see where they messed up and he see's where is noted to give me 3 months free and a free starmate.. I was like wow how were you able to do that when I spent half my week on hold and the others couldnt' do that. He just said he knew what he was doing.. LIES!!!! here its March 29th, 2009 and I get an e-mail telling me my account is delinquent and if it isnt' paid in full my account will be shut down. Again I call but this time is wasn't so long.. I spoke to CRS#1 he tells me let me put you on hold and look into your account, 20 minutes on hold I get Hello Thank you for Calling Sirius XM my name is ..... how can I help you!!! I went from 2-10 in a split second. I then ask to speak to a manager and told her what was going on. She said ok let me put you on hold she comes back and says ok we have credited your account and we are sending you a radio. I was ok cool. Receive an E-mail stating that they are sending me a Inv2.. WTF! I have a Staremate 3 and a Stiletto 2 why would I want to downgrade.. what kind of incentive is that.

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    Wow...what a mess...... I've yet to have any problems YET, but I only have 1 SRI-Radio, and the 128K online stream, I wanted to keep things simple.......I heard a lot of horrah stories about having multi-subs, but I'm sure your not alone......I hope that THIS isn't a up and coming trend the way the CSRs are doing things, SIRIUS XM will most certainly go down in FLAMES ,if they keep that stuff up.......that is not a GOOD BUSINESS MODEL for them.....
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    I called them back again tonight and said that I was suppose to get the Starmate 5 and they last CSR was real honest and said I don't know why they promised you that but we can't give those away. I was okay I understand that. But that just tells me one thing. That the CSR wanted me off the phone and said stuff that wasn't true. I wasted my time and your time on the phone because I was promised by several different CSR. I spoke to the manager again and told her to keep the radio. I will give it a few more months to see if I would like to stay on much longer. I liked the Free web stream. That's one of the reason I signed up for Sirius. I travel a lot for work and I used the stream all the time.

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