Hi everybody - I need some buying advice.

I'm a lifetime member since May 2006. I originally purchased a Sportster Replay. That lasted about 18 months and started doing what appears to be a common problem "searching for signal". It was periodic at first but eventually got to the point that it was "searching" about 95% of the time. The radio was effectively useless. Sirius told me tough luck, since it was past the 1 year warrantee.

I then purchased a 1 year old used Sportster replay (mostly so I could use it to try to diagnose what the problem was on my original: it was the radio unit, not the dock or the antenna wire.) That unit has now started to go after about a year (exact same problem), so I'm looking.

The only real feature I want is the replay option, I use that. Mainly what I want is a good quality unit that will last me more than 18 months. I love the service, but I am very disappointed in the hardware. I am not quite 3 years into Sirius and I'm averaging an additional $100 per year on top of the membership fees. I certainly didn't count on that when I signed up.

At Costco here in Canada they currently have a Starmate 5 with car kit and boombox for $149 (about $120 U.S dollars). Seems to be a good deal, but is it a quality unit?

On some forums there is lots of discussion about the poor quality of the hardware, so I'm gun-shy about dropping more money on something that won't last. I just wondered if anyone can help with comments. opinions, suggestions for a good quality Sirius unit. I have also read rumors that there may be a major hardware change following the merger. Is this true?

Thanks for your help,

Gary in Toronto