Ok, after last years disappointing coverage of what was other wise a great wmc i was having high hopes that sirrius would have learned their lesson. I was deeply disappointed to find out the 1 reason I hated listening to the coverage of the raleigh hotel has returned.

I have no idea how Sirrius does their talent search for hosts, but Emily Tan has to be the worst host and interview person I ever heard. She ruined the coverage last year for me and is killing it this year. I understand there is a need to do interviews, but she is a complete idiot and has provided nothing to the broadcast. It is quite a shame that someone that is so unprofessional and clueless about the scene is giving such an important gig to represent dance music in the united states. Dance music in the states is already has a bad image, and it doesn't help when you have a dope that is bringing nothing to highlight the great aspects of dance music and the artists that she interviews.