I was doing some in depth research tonight and I found something that should be something excellent to invest in for anyone looking for a long position. This is my thanks for all the help from this site....good luck and invest at your own risk.

they look excellent because they are a company that took a major hit in the recent downturn in construction and the economy...and they appear well diversified and stable dispite. They also have some interesting future in Wind power...

I will be buying in the am and holding long.
Trinity Industries, Inc. (Trinity -TRN ) owns a variety of businesses, which provide products and services to the industrial, energy, transportation, and construction sectors. The Company manufactures and sells railcars and railcar parts, inland barges, concrete and aggregates, asphalt, highway products, beams and girders used in highway construction, tank containers, a variety of steel parts, and structural wind towers. In addition, the Company leases railcars to its customers through a leasing business, Trinity Industries Leasing Company (TILC). The Company’s segments include rail group, railcar leasing and management services group, construction products group, inland barge group, and energy equipment group.

From their CC.

We are hopeful that the government’s stimulus initiatives will help jumpstart the economy. We are a very flexible company and we have proven our ability to respond quickly to customers’ needs. During down cycles, we have historically strengthened our portfolio of businesses. We are watching for opportunities while monitoring our businesses and our costs. We stand ready to respond when the economy begins to improve.
As many know, americas infrastructure is aging and very much of it will be rebuilt over the coming decade(s). Also, Obama's main talking point is supporting rebuilding americas infrastructure with large infusions of cash to generate jobs.