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Thread: Open Letter To Sirius (The Boneyard)

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    Exclamation Open Letter To Sirius (The Boneyard)

    Let me starts by saying when I joined Sirius a few years ago I joined to experience music played commercial free for 24 hours a days, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I have been extremely happy for quite some time but I must add that since the merger the quality of music has gone down and continues to go down day by day.
    I have been patient in listening to my favorite stations since the merger and now the time has come to express my feeling on 1 of these stations. Lets start with The Boneyard which used to be The Buzzsaw. When the saw was active the variety of straight kick ass music was second to none. It was my favorite station by far. With Keith, Paul and Remi behind the helm there was never a doubt that the playlists were going to keep people rocking. A mix from AC/DC to ZZ Top that no FM station could even come close to compete with. Now it has been replaced by The Boneyard a mix of only Classic Hard Rock. Now with some peoples interest in music this may be the ultimate station. So is Headbangers Ball on MTV. I listen to Sirius to listen to all kinds of music not the same playlists of the same artist over and over and over and over again. Artists that are guarenteed to be heard in a 90 minute span on The Boneyard are, Metallica, Van Halen, Def Leppard, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Judas Priest, The Scorpions, AC/DC, Whitesnake, Aerosmith, Dio, Great White, Deep Purple, Guns, & Roses, Iron Maiden. Now nothing against these great artists but there is more to Hard Classic Rock than these handfull of artists. Not to mention that some of the songs have never even been played on air in the history of their releases. Its like the Dj's just pick a song out of the blue and don't care if the music fans likes them or not.
    When The Buzzsaw was ROCKING Sirius there was more bands playing in a 24 hour period it was rare to hear the same group let alone the same song more than once. The Boneyard has its own following and The Buzzsaw had its own. Bring back The Buzzsaw! It Rocked, It Rolled, & the 3 DJ's played real music.

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    Agreed! I have already dropped the boneyard so far down the list of presets, I never bother anymore.

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