I'm so glad I found sirius buzz.
I got my Stilletto 100 and love it. My first satellite radio.
Programming is excellent. But this is an idea sharing community so I'd like to get input on some other programs I would like to see.

1. An all live channel; many genres all live. I love seeing dates and locations of the performance. It'd be nice to preview bands on tour or remember a show you attended. If popular, I'm sure micro genres "live" would be demanded.
2. Festival Channel; Bonaroo, coachella, langerado, etc. Great times, let's relive them and reminisce(spelling?)
3. Dub channel; multi-genre style. Mainly instrumental studio work. Bombay Dub Orchestra to Easy Star All Stars(Dub Side of the Moon and Radiodread fame)
4. Extreme sports radio: Fuel and Espn X have made 24 hr. programming. Featured sports:surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, motox, bmx, live contests and results, interviews, trivia, news, etc.

Anyway, That's all I could really come up with. Everything else is pretty much satisfactory.

Let me know what ya think!