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Thread: SIRI Intraday Thread: Friday March 20th / Weekend Edition

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    SIRI Intraday Thread: Friday March 20th / Weekend Edition

    Welcome to the first of the daily SIRI daily threads.

    Post away....

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    Carrying on.......

    Quote Originally Posted by Paratrooper_Rick View Post
    bill - I agree with you in part - now that it has been artificially lowered and alot of retail investors have been shaken - yes - it could indeed drop - but make no mistake - it was only having the trouble it had because it was manipulated by one SOB early on. Once that bear trap knocked out all the stops - it took til at least mid day for anyone to get reorganized and by then panic had set in. I think if that one event had NOT taken place - we'd be hovering more evenly around .40 or .43

    If we get another major manipulation - sure it could happen - but it could just as easily go the other way.... you are right about SIRI being a very emotion driven stock. That's exactly the problem - every time the doom and gloomers come out of the woodwork - people get nervous because they sense the same old hat trick played by the shorts.

    I think the safe bet for anyone now would be to try and shore up your core if it drops into mid to low .20's (I don't think it'll go past .25 but who knows) - on the other side - hold tight depending on your overall position/gameplan.

    Whatever you do - I don't recommend anyone putting in stops - we won't retrace for very long before it starts going back up - this is TEMPORARY... READ MY LIPS .... TEMPORARY.....

    Ok... NOW I'm going to go sleep....
    Manipulations? This is a free traders market! Capitalism!

    This stock will obviously go up over time, because there are interests behind it. But don't wave the glory flag just yet.

    It amazes me that so many people, especially you so called seasoned investors, follow such a small stock.

    There is money to be made elsewhere, but if you are a speculator at heart this is a good thing, maybe. Probably it will go up with time.

    But think! In the meantime, you can make tons of more money in other stocks. If you cannot afford them, then invest here with SIRI and hold long. I realize that buying stock takes preferably using the house's money.

    It takes a while to build money in the market by making intelligent decisions. For .13 it is a more than good gamble. If you can afford more, then check out my comments in the daily market watch thread.

    I usually only post once a day now, because it is a comprehensive summation of the day's activities. Ray, Sworntwo and myself spend at least six hours a day trading together and post the results.

    I personally am a chart technologist...but charts are out the window now...there is no coherency to the market. There is not any sense in making charts at this time. There is no specific support or resistance or any logic. There is too much news that affects the whole market. It is a very strategic moving market to make money.

    We used to post throughout the day to help people, but we require that time to make money now. We did great today and have ourselves positioned in the best of places...we do not lose even on a down day. It took a lot of work, but we are there.

    We have some clean-up to do, but are working on that and can see light at the end of the tunnel. We all have made errors.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to post them in the Daily Market Thread....we will answer as soon as possible.

    Have a great night,


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    Bill Bill Bill

    If you dont have anything nice to say don't say nothin at all!!!!! Just kidding!
    I guess that they hit a nerve. But all of the bickering gets old! Sound like you, ray, sworn are having a pretty good time during the day, while some of us are hard at work! lol

    Have a great day tomorrow!


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    I am tired of people pounding on people...thanks and have a great night...when you are ready, let us know.


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    Quote Originally Posted by billhart22 View Post
    I am tired of people pounding on people...thanks and have a great night...when you are ready, let us know.

    I'm heading to bed to do a little pounding myself. Personally, I never get tired of it.

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    There is a great chance of that. SIRI didn't perform on a large day today. The volume was down.

    I believe there is a great chance for .25 tomorrow or on Monday.

    That is just my personal belief, but could be wrong.

    Here is my thoughts:

    After the anticipation of the CC from Mel and then the CC, SIRI rose. It is out of the spotlight now and interest is dwindling. SIRI is an emotional stock...people can jump in and out as quick as a mood swing.

    Today, they didn't pay attention with a bravado market. I think SIRI could sink to the low 20's pretty quick unless there is some hope shown.

    I could be totally wrong, but that is reality. SIRI had a bitch of a time holding up today. When this stock gets weak, the shorters feed on it. I think unless SIRI comes out of the hole fast and furious tomorrow, gains will be lost.

    Let's check it out together...

    If it comes out strong, and stays strong, then there will be gains, but they will have to be big gains proportionally to SIRI's past record. I don't know...will have to watch.

    I do know, however, if it drops, I will wait until its absolute bottom and then buy.


    Hey Bill - Good to see your head pop above the waves again!!

    I think that you may be spot on here - a retracing to the 20's (although i wish it were higher) might be good to really setup for a strike higher into the mid 40's or low 50's when any good news comes out??? My concern is that if we setup at the 20"s the shorters will have a hayday again as well - I doubt that the 1st 1/4 CC will add much positive news to make this puppy run.

    Anyone have a guess what will happen generally in the next few days - weeks??

    Siri Long - should be a good retirement fund - Ah yes, Freedom 95!!

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    hey rick im hoping .30 is the new floor but yeah .20's look like more of a possibility now, i was hoping it would be a quicker correction to a pre bk price but blah its gonna take longer than i hoped

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    ive also noticed the ask dropping lower than the last many times since yesterday that is truely pissing me off.

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    Sirius XM Radio Inc. (SIRI) Pre-Market Trading

    Sirius XM Radio Inc.
    Mar. 19, 2009 Market Close: $ 0.325

    Pre-Market Trade Reporting

    Last: $ .309
    High: $ .32
    Volume: 638,571
    Low: $ .29
    Time (ET) Pre-Market
    Price Pre-Market
    Share Volume
    09:06 $ .309 5,000
    09:06 $ .3092 5,000
    09:05 $ .3092 2,500
    09:05 $ .3027 1,500
    09:02 $ .3098 100
    09:02 $ .3098 100
    09:02 $ .3098 9,900
    09:02 $ .3098 9,900
    09:01 $ .305 30,000
    08:58 $ .306 5,000
    08:58 $ .305 24,710
    08:58 $ .3004 100
    08:58 $ .3004 100
    08:58 $ .3004 100
    08:58 $ .3004 100
    08:58 $ .3004 100
    08:58 $ .3004 9,900
    08:58 $ .3004 9,900
    08:58 $ .3004 4,900
    08:58 $ .3004 19,900
    08:58 $ .3004 9,900
    08:58 $ .3003 100
    08:58 $ .3003 19,900
    08:58 $ .3008 5,000
    08:58 $ .3008 10,000
    08:58 $ .3008 290
    08:57 $ .305 25,000
    08:57 $ .305 4,140
    08:56 $ .31 1,500
    08:56 $ .31 3,500
    08:55 $ .3098 2,500

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    Looks like it will open down today. No clue what happens after that.

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