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Thread: Who Is In The Green With SIRI OVERALL?

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    Question Who Is In The Green With SIRI OVERALL?

    Not just on your current trade, but with all your trades in SIRI. Many have lost a lot. I'm still down 20% from break even.

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    I am averaged down to .11...So I have been a happy dude lately. I hope this trend continues for everyone's sake.

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    up 70.64 %

    eat that bashers=------=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

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    up 27.9 % FINALLY 83.1 % after today!!!
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    Down a whole bunch... lost track. Averaged down a few times.. starting from $3.00. At the time I thought that was a bargain!! .... never thought it would come to this. I traded Wells Fargo last week to make a nice chunk of money back (with a cash advance from credit card). Not too far from break even now.

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    Thumbs up

    .33 is break even for me. I would be happy with a double. Seems realistic at this point.

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    Averaged down from above 4.00
    70000 @ 0.42

    On the verge of green!
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    I need to get to .46 for break even. Been averaging down a lot lately and things are starting to look more promising.

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    Joined: Aug 2008 Posts: 83 break even is about a buck. But considering I started out with an average price of $6....not bad. I'm hoping to make it by the end of the year. Would be nice. Even tho I'm an extremely jaded and guarded long....this run up has been the most exciting thing to happen to Sirius in YEARS. The merger was exciting in an "anticipation" sort of way....but the "pay off" was a sucker punch to the gut that made the previous year turn into a sickening nightmare...and the last 4 years an almost neverending stomach churning experience.

    I have limited funds left to average down with at the moment, so the most I can knock it down to is perhaps a .75 cent break even price. Unless the Stock dips back down in the low teens again. I don't think this will happen, nor do I want it too. I was lucky enough to average down when it hit .07 I think I'd rather see it continue to slowly rise back up to a buck.


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    I have 351,704 shares at .1422. I am in green.

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