Is anyone else as frustrated as I am with the music programming on Boneyard? I was a long time listener of Buzzsaw and while it was not perfect musically at least they stuck to the hard, heavy and classic material. I can't believe some of the crap that gets played on Boneyard it is just ridiculous. I heard Bon Jovi last night! Bon Jovi for crying out loud! Then I heard Cane play a Twisted Sister song that he intro'd as "cheesy". WTF! If it's cheesy then don't play it!!! I'm starting to think that the DJ's are partially at fault here. They must have the ability to "skip" bad songs or songs that don't fit the genre.

Artist and song repition is a big problem too. Every hour I hear Def Leppard, Van Halen, Rush, Cheap Trick, Billy Squier and Joe Satriani. Not to mention the weak 80's music like Helix that they too often throw in. Boneyard is advertised as hard, heavy and classic! I'm sorry I just don't hear it! Bring back Buzzsaw!