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Thread: SIRI Intraday Updates for the Week of 3/16/09

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    I picked up 8k more shares at .30...

    Anyone know what's going on? Plain old profit taking or what?

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    I am gonna lose it if I can't make a trade at .30 or under b/c of some IT bullshit...

    Someone please talk me off the ledge!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

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    How long does it take for your money to clear once you've sold it to be available for purchasing again? I sold 3300$ of a different stock during the first drop so that I could buy more SIRI and it hasnt cleared yet. Dont want to miss the second drop too.

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    This is a broad market short takedown attempt. Happening in a lot of stocks right now. Driving out weak hands. Dont fall for it.
    Market will close up today or simply jump big tomorrow.

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    m predictio is sirius finishes green really green, this thing is getting ready for its next giant move up.

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    This morning has been a bit nutty...

    However, I'm pleased to say that I just hit my 2006 goal of having 30K shares of Siri (if even after having a bit o' heartache over the years).

    Thanks to believing in Mel's ego, and sage advice/wisdom of this forum, I am now averaged down to .3245

    happy days to all!!!

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    I am just an ignoramous, and frankly have no idea about the markets, etc. I suspect that the market will be fairly steady today, a small rise tomorrow (.36-.40) then a fairly good increase on Monday.

    Oh, and 30,550 at a .1672 avg.

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    Nevermind, it posted at 10:03. I've place my limit order for 11500 shares at .28. Hope it fills!!!!

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    Demian did you get back in below .30?

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    What is the best site for a person who makes several trades a week? I am transfering out of ING ASAP
    I buy the cheap stocks so I want low per share pricing

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