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Thread: SIRI Intraday Updates for the Week of 3/16/09

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    SIRI Intraday Updates for the Week of 3/16/09

    Wow, what a week in satellite!

    A surprise earnings announcement.

    Amazing stock action in response to earnings.

    Confirmed Sirius iPod app (too bad we have to wait until "sometime in Q2")

    Play Station and Sirius XM? Click Here. The thread has been locked pending investigation, but sounds cool, doesnt it?

    Did EVERYONE see Jim Cramer get his ass handed to him in an interview? DEFINATELY worth the watch: Full Episode The interview starts around 5 minutes in.

    Somebody asked me to add this link into this thread. It is a petition to send to the governmet asking for investigation into all things financial. I will just point to the thread and let you decide for yourself. LINK HERE


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    SIRI has now survived some pretty stormy weather... What will SIRI's reception be like this week?

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    I sure picked a helluva first stock, didn't I?

    I'm a very low level player averaged in at .1283 per share, so I'm not too far from doubling my money.

    I could be way, way off, but I think we'll see a steady improvement over time. There may be some bad days, but I think the worst is behind us. How high will it go?

    Who knows? I hope for all you guys who are into SIRI deeply it goes through the roof...

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    Help...magic 8 ball broken...

    greed took me out of the market last Thursday (or was it Wednesday) have let emotions cause me to make bad decisions in the past... now having trouble pulling the trigger to get back in (greed still playing big part) don't want to jump in to high... but don't want to miss out on todays action. any and all thoughts on what will happen in pre and am hours would be a big help!

    thanks Paratrooper Rick for your reply on other thread...

    luck to us all...

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    The Playstation idea looked like it could have potential but I'm guessing that, if true and, if considered by both parties that it was put on hold until after the merger went through. After all, if the merger was rejected, which sat. company whoud Sony negotiate with or likley play them against each other?

    I am also starting to wonder about the ability of Sirius management to "think outside the box". I respect Mel's ability but are Mel and his lieutenants too linked to conventional, terrestrial radio type thinking?

    [QUOTE=Newman;20236]Play Station and Sirius XM? Click Here. The thread has been locked pending investigation, but sounds cool, doesnt it?[QUOTE]

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    Of course, maybe they have been too preoccupied with refinancing.....

    "There's just a lot of opportunities, and it's so refreshing to finally be able to think about them. Because for the last three months, all I've been thinking about is liquidity, liquidity, liquidity."

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    Hi to everyone here. I've been lurking these boards for a couple months now, just the stock talk board really. I had an interest in getting into SIRI, even though some friends of mine who also invest told me it was a no-go. Well, I did it anyway, got in a while back at $0.11 and have held it since. Some of the discussion on these boards have been instrumental in my holding this stock, and since the stock is up and may keep going, I figured I'd pop my head on here and say "thanks" to those of you who have provided some valuable insight into this company. I won't post much here, since I don't have much good advice to share.

    PS. I also renewed my sirius subscription in my Jeep and after a month I'm now wondering why I ever cancelled it.

    - Long on SIRI

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    alrighty ladies and gents - pre-market already looking decent - generally between .2045 and .21 across the board - we'll see how she holds up.

    Good luck to all

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    Hi, well if the past is prologue the SP will drop at the open and it will be after lunch before it begins to move up. How much of a drop is the question. Likely around .02 (from .21xx to 19xx)
    So if your selling have a fast trigger and if your buying wait till at least 1030
    As always when another person posts an opinion the burden is on the reader to decide for themselves. My opinion is simply something to watch for.
    I don't think I have ever seen SIRI rise from premarket without a sell off occuring first.

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    Yes, that is usually the normal daily course.

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