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Thread: Liquid Metal 'mandatory metallica month'? Why?

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    Liquid Metal 'mandatory metallica month'? Why?

    What was the logic behind this decision? I find it irritating and frustrating that they would take the one metal station and only one that I listen to down for an entire month for one band in the entire genre. I am sure I am not the only one that feels this way.

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    Apparently they are going to be making ome format cahnges to the station. Hopefully they will be expanding the palylist a little, but I feel your pain I will have to find something else to listen to for a while.

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    Yeah, I got into my car at 05:30 this morning and toggled between a couple channels to get going... After 2 Metallica songs back to back on Liquid Metal, I was wondering, "WTF?" I looked up and the channel had been renamed to "Metallica". Talk about a way to start the week off on the wrong foot!

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    After a week of this mandatory metallica garbage, I got online to figure out why they would torture us like this, and how long it would last...friggin' April 13th is when it's over.

    I'm strongly considering canceling my subscription over this. Liquid Metal is pretty much the one and only reason why I decided to subscribe in the first place, was tired of hearing all the crappy alternative that FM spoon feeds you.

    Why they would put one band on for a month, on a popular station, is completely ridiculous. I can't even begin to imagine how many 27fans stopped listening. Sure, everyone likes a little metallica here and there...I love their old stuff...but a month straight of nothing but metallica is stupid. It took about 6 or 7 songs before I thought "wow, this is really annoying."

    Way to go, Siruis and XM, for joining the ranks of FM radio by force-feeding us music we don't want to hear. By doing Mandatory Metallica, you go against everything you claim(ed) to be about. I was under the impression that paying for your service would get me a variety of real music...but instead I get to hear a month of an already over-played/old-news band that just won't retire.

    Here's a solution...move MM over to another/less-used channel, or create a special channel just for stuff like this that only appears when something like MM is going on. That way people have a CHOICE of listening to it or not listening to it, pretty much what satellite radio should be about already.


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    I demanded a one month refund, since I consider this month of service to be defective merchandise, and after explaining the background info to the CSR, he sounded appalled and gave me the refund I wanted. At least, he said he did.

    When you call to get your refund, be sure you mention the details of it being the liquid metal month where they only play one band. If the CSR gets it into his head that you are complaining about a "channel change" then their hands are somewhat tied since they dont want to give out refunds for that (and I dont blame them). I used the point that if it were truly a "channel change" then I would just cancel my 5yrs+ account and be done with it.

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    Everyone should call in and demand a 1-month credit to their account for this MM crap. That should be enough to let them know we won't take these things kindly, we want what we paid for!

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    Thumbs down

    I am glad they changed it, I can't stand that ****ing faggot Jose, the chanel was cool and would have been much cooler if they played more stuff instead of the same shit over and over again there is soo much more Metal out there and these pricks don't even scratch the surface. Bottom line the music is fixable and the station is great but they need to get rid of the lame program director.

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    Tired of these artist channels. Anyways, my first (3) presets on my radio are Hard Attack, Octane, Boneyard. The other day, obviously Metallica on Hard Attack..guess what, Metallica on Octane, and Boneyard. 3 different songs, but holy shit, give it a break. Bring back Hard Attack.

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    I've been having the same problem...I'll flip to Liquid Metal to see if they finally answered to the angry cries of their fans, nope they're still playing metallica, switch back to octane and get to hear more metallica.

    I use to like their old stuff, now I just plain despise them and the people that run LQ. I deleted all my presets and reprogrammed them to other stuff, mostly listening to Fox News these days.

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    **** Mandatory Metallica! I want Hard Attack back!

    Hard Attack was the #1 reason that I bought Sirius three years ago. If they don't put Hard Attack/Liquid Metal back on the air, angry metal heads will revolt and show up to the Sirius XM studio with torches.

    Mandatory Metallica can only be the work of radio consultants. I worked in radio for five years and I can tell you that, most of the time, General Managers think that consultants know everything. They don't give their Program Directors the credit that they're due.

    I guarantee Mandatory Metallica was NOT Jose's idea (Jose is the PD of Hard Attack/Liquid Metal). Jose probably wasn't listened to, even though he know's 10 times as much about metal and metal fans than the consultants and GM's will ever know.

    Attention Sirius management: Bring back Hard Attack/Liquid Metal or else there will be violent outrage from the entire metal community!

    Side note: "Liquid Metal" and "Hard Attack" are not clever names for stations. Go back to the drawing board and come up with something good. How about talking to MTV about a partnership and using the name "Headbanger's Ball"? Now there's something a ****ing moron consultant wouldn't have come up with.

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