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Thread: When will it hit .50

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    Wink When will it hit .50

    how the heck do/are people manipulating the stock, that's way over my head. anyways i was in at .50 and would like to breath when I'm even steven. how long does this lil north then backwards going to last due to these peeps with HUGE pockets. LOL i only have 6000 shares and laugh, im little compared to you all.

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    I'm sorry to hear that the per share price is about 30 cents less than what you bought it at.

    If it's any consolation, I bought 16,420 shares at only 13 cents a share.


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    if we breakout, see you guys at .35

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    Fifty cents is not a bad buy in. My initial buy in was $3.00! But, thanks to this blog site, and some due diligence, I made the decision to average down by buying more shares at a lower price. Now my average is .24 and I own (gulp) 475,000 shares. Who knows when .50 will come, but it WILL come. be patient and you will not only break even, you may make some money. Sirius will become a better company in the next year or two and the per share price will go up considerably. Keep tuned to this site and read every post so you can keep informed, because things change constantly and we need to keep informed, and you'll be better off than most who only wish they knew something about this company. Have faith!

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    early april, possibly april fools day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trippingthespeculatingpos View Post
    early april, possibly april fools day.

    Hey Tripps

    the top of the morning to you!!! You best guess - looking for another buy in point to ave down - I am thinking it will dip a bit after the 1st 1/4 report?? What do you think???

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    The way the last 2 years have gone, and especially the last 6 my unproffesional opinion, based on the way the news has changed to positive, .50 may come quickly and never return (lower)...

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    its a new game with sirius i really have no idea what its going to do, thats why i havent chanced selling like others have. im just holding and enjoying the ride.

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