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    Customer Relations

    Ok, so here's the deal.

    I have 3 Sirius subs and now have 2 XM subs on my plans, but most recently added the XM 2nd sub, so I needed to call and cancel my 3rd Sirius. I just have too many and it's a net wash.

    I orginally spoke to a rep that was very nice and knowledgeable and for what he did not know, he put my on hold for a few seconds and asked someone to be sure. Anyhow, after explaning my situation, he said in order to help I would have to speak to the cancelation dept in order to straighten out the charges on the account.

    Well, I got put in a black hole of waiting for about 40 minutes and finally gave up. I felt that they intentional made me wait and wait forever so I would eventually give up & I did for tonight.

    I honestly fely like there was 3 people standing around looking at me blinking on hold, laughing and placing bets on when I would give up.

    I really believe this is their strategy and don't believe there is a seperate cancelation dept.

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    That sucks.

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