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Thread: So, What's the Story on Premium Internet Radio

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    So, What's the Story on Premium Internet Radio

    I signed up for Sirius "Everything" the latter part of February for our Ford Expedition. I also asked about being able to keep the internet radio at no additional cost and the answer was YES. I was also informed that on March 11th my internet radio connection would automatically be upgraded to PREMIUM as they would no longer offer the STANDARD connection.

    About a week ago I called and onced again inquired about receiving the PREMIUM connection. I was told that the STANDARD connection would cease on March 11th and everyone would be automatically upgraded to the PREMIUM connection.

    My connection is still set at STANDARD as of this writing. Anyone else care to share what they are currently getting?
    I called today and asked CSR if I should be receiving the Premium stream for free. I was told 'Yes'. I told him I wasn't and he said he needed to reprovision my account and that I would be receiving it in about an hour. I told him I have a lifetime and a recently renewed 3-yr plan. He said that he would take care of both.

    So I started getting the 128k stream a little later and out of curiousity, went in to check my account. The CSR had charged me for 2 premium upgrades. I called back and told another guy what had happened. He said that I should be getting the premium for free now that they had gone to a single stream. He put me on hold for about 10 minutes and said he learned that the "free" streams are still the 32k. So I told him I just want the upgrade on 1 account. He refunded me the difference.

    There is actually a difference in My Account. The premium service says "Sirius Internet Radio" and the other says "Free Online Listening".

    I'm hoping they're still trying to sort things out and they just haven't made the switch yet

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    I have a SIR-Sportster 5 radio, I bought back on MARCH 4th 2009, so, I got a 3 month sub along with the free 128k online feed, and was told that on MARCH 11th my on-line 128k wouldn't be free after that date, (no biggie) so, after one month of free 128k on APRIL 4th 2009, I now pay the $2.99 every month, and was told, that if I wanted this to be free, I would have to be a Lifetime, this is the way, I understand this, unless I'm missing something here?
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    I've been getting a lot of feedback on this from various customers. Yes, you are correct in this matter.

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    re: watch tv

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    re: watch tv

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    Angry Media Player is Dead

    I re-upped my subscription for another 6 months on 9/1 and here's what I had to pay:
    1. $77.70 for 6 months subscription
    2. $11.89 US Royalty Fee
    3. $2.99 per month for Premium Internet Access.

    I've been a subscriber for about 4 years and have never paid anything more than $12.95/month.

    Now, here's the real kicker-Since the day I renewed, the online media player has not worked. Every day I call and they tell me they're "working on it" and it should be fixed by the end of the day, well, that was 4 days ago and still nothing. I'm just about ready to cancel.

    Anybody else having trouble listening online?
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