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Thread: 1 Sirius Sub, 1 XM Sub

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    1 Sirius Sub, 1 XM Sub

    I have XM that came with my car and have a "Best of" Sub due to the fact that I'm a big Stern fan.

    I recently bought the Sirius Stiletto 2 for my wife.

    Would I get a discounted rate since I have a sub already or since one is XM and 1 is SIRI I'll have to pay for 2 seperate subs....Any help would be appreciated.

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    Being that one is XM and one is Siri you would need to set up account for both. XM can not add Siri to there billing system and same at Siri. You would have 2 full priced subs, there is not a way to set up the "family plan" accross company lines.

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    I just got off with a Sirius rep and asked the same question. The discounted price plan only applies to the Mirge radio.

    Unrelated, but they have extended the timeframe to lock in plans for 1 or 2 years in order to get free internet radio until end of March.

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