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Thread: SIRI can't catch a break..

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    SIRI can't catch a break..

    Wow the Dow closed at 379 yet siri can't even move up... I don't understand how we can not move up on a day like this yet other days the dow is down over 100 points and we are up a cent..

    another thing i have like 13 stocks in my portfolio all up except siri. Unbelievable it seems this stock is completely on it's own lol


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    I'm not sure if "catching a break" is really what it will take to move the stock price up.... This is not a story stock anymore... My definition of a story stock is basically a great product, lot of buzz of folks interested, unproven in its business plan, and those that love the product are now excitedly invested in the company..... That WAS Sirius and Xm before the merger announcement and even within 6 months of the announcement...

    Now what we have is a company that is known to investors, has caused a great deal of investor pain, and whose Story is not excitement but one of lost wealth to those once believers... who now look with frustration, as you do, at how the company has just fallen out of grace....

    We have been without any usable metrics or numbers on company performance since Nov. 11, 2008, when the Q3 was reported. We have seen 5 year projections on FCF and profitability with no substance in relevant reporting in almost 5-1/2 months (since Sept 30, 2008).... As investors and supportors of the Company we have been pelted with rumors of BK, hostil take overs by Ergin, White Knight bail outs and new partners in Malone and DTV, and now debt that has been a ball and chain in 2009, being removed and pushed out buying the company some time...

    With all of this I am a firm believer in the Business Model, have since the Malone deal moved fully back into the company, and am waiting for everyone to catch up in understanding what the new Partnership really means...

    1st. It does not mean Common Share stock dillution at this time. Malone's preferred shares will not hit the market anytime soon if ever.

    2nd. This partnership is a continuing committment to the Sirius Xm Business model by DTV and Liverty. There will be future announcements of enhanced subscriptions, free radio with some commercials that will introduce everyone to the service and become the final blow to Terestrial Radio and the NAB. The millions of autos with radios installed will be the immediate take off platform for this Sponsor Based radio format... with upgrades to premius services soon available from these free services...

    3rd. I see Liberty and Malone as an eventual financiear of all to most of Sirius Xm's future debt by using FCF to pay some and Liberty buying more debt, (such as the 2010 May debt) sooner rather than later.

    The announcement of the 4Q and 2008 10K will be the end of the merger BS and will mark the beginning of new things... anyone who has watched this company should try to forget the past and look at the .15 cent SP as a great entry point into a new and successful investment... Patience here as always should be rewarded.....

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    Cos................ just saw the M. Bart. report on CNBC W/ Liberty CEO Maffais. Everything was positive in the interview = positive reinforcement for your fine article just previously posted. I couldn't agree more with the sum total of it's content. Is the dog in the avitar your dog that you often speak of? Nice pup. Good to see you. ....killer.

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    Hey killer.... yup that's Bart (as in Simpson not M. Bart.)... he's a little over 6 years in that shot from the Fall.... keeping watch at all times....... in between Naps that is...

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