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Thread: Leg to Stand On?

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    Leg to Stand On?

    When I bought my new car last Spring - I received a one year subscription to Sirius Satellite Radio. I don't listen to it all that much - and this latest 'charge' to listen online really bugs me. The only way I'd keep the service for another year is if they offer me one of those deals ($79 for a year - something like that).

    My question is do you think I have any negotiating power coming from a free year trial? It's not up for another few months - but I want the online listening, so I'm either going to re-up (at a discount) or cancel. Will they offer me something better if I threaten to cancel - despite not paying in year one?

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    For all it's's been my experience with customer service (over 5years) that they probably wouldn't catch the fact you have been on a free subscription. They mischarged me once on a renew so I called them and what did they do... they refunded me all my money and never bothered to re-bill the correct amount.. would have had a free year if I wanted....No wonder they trade for .14. Great concept...sat radio..pathetic company.

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