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Thread: I have a dream...

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    I have a dream...

    Preface this by saying, I am not an analyst, or a trader, just (I am hoping) a visionary/dreamer:
    There are 304,000,000 people in the US... is it too much to envision a time in the not too distant future where 20% of the population would have Sirius in some fashion as a service they use (approx 60MM subs)? Is it possible for the brand to go overseas and tap into the latin american, european and/or asian market places? Think about those numbers and how they can just cause the subs #'s to explode. Pricing could even be reduced and company can still thrive just on volume of users. Forget about the marketing abilities that can add to the revenues when you look at this on a global scale of users that advertisers can reach.
    I have a dream... and in it, we are all listening to our portable devices, hearing Howard and his cronies, listening to our fav NFL/MLB teams/Nascar or pickup up home decor tips whilst basking in the sun in some tropical paradise, appreciating the opportunity that we have all been hoping for: the success of our favorite company!
    This is what I want to hear on the conference call and future calls from our management. I want to see what the future has in store for us. I want to know that management has vision: clear vision to be precise, about what's in store for our company and what bright future is now awaiting us.
    I have a dream...

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    Joe Clayton once made the claim that the potential sub base was 300 million.

    Many cried foul as they pointed to the population number. Consider this however. Sirius is not like TV.

    How many cars are on the road? How many homes? How many OTR trucks? How many boats? How many planes? How many BUSINESSES? Etc, ... It began to make sense...

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    When you think of it that way - I could see a potential for at least TEN times what we are at for subs.

    Alot depends on S-XM's packaging.... with DTV - automakers/OEM&Aftermarket - portable personal receiver devices - Home Systems... there is a great deal of potential....

    I'm hoping they get to work on some marketing now that we're clear of BK for the foreseeable future.....

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