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Thread: Where are you today...Watch the video.

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    Where are you today...Watch the video.

    Where are you today ?

    1.- Denial
    2.- Anger
    3.- Bargaining
    4.- Depression
    5.- Acceptance

    I am probably on number 6. Shorting the hell out of many stocks. I just made $200.00 USD today in the first 5 minutes of trading (well, maybe overnight). Made about $1,200.00 this week so far. I am not looking at big homeruns but small trades like this one:

    Sold twenty HTE Aug 2008 $2.5 put options @ 0.65 Tuesday, bought them @ 0.55 today. Made $200.00 USD. This was a bullish trade though.

    All I needed was $190.00 USD and margin.

    Maybe, if you guys move from depression, sell the SIRI stock, raise some cash, and start trading you can all start recuperating some money...PRONTO!, not in 3 or 4 years.
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