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Thread: Artie Lange on Letterman With Dana?

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    Artie Lange on Letterman With Dana?

    I just wanted to remind fans that Artie will be on David Letterman tonight and in an interesting twist Howard 100 news is reporting that Artie is at the show with his Ex Dana and introducing her to people as HIS GIRLFRIEND DANA. I know what the topic of conversation will be on tomorrows show.
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    Thanks for the Heads up... I would of missed it tonight...
    It should be a good one!

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    Thanks, Charles.

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    good for artie, he needs her. hopefully she can keep him straight, maybe even see him get skinny again heh

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    Artie Lange on Letterman With Dana

    So many great Artie moments on the show, it is so sad what has happened.
    When are we ever going to know what comes next for Artie, for Artie on the HSS, for Artie and his many fans?
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