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Thread: Could this be reason for delayed results ???

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    Could this be reason for delayed results ???

    so I received a letter in the mail from Sirius. To make a long story short, back when they introduced Best of XM, i called them up to add it to my life time sub of sirius. I kept checking and never got charged for it. This was almost 6 months ago. Got the letter yesterday, saying, due to a glitch in the system, I hadn't been charged and it will now show 100$ on my account as of today. Thats fine, im cool with that because I never paid for it. But could this be the real reason that they are waiting, assuming this happened to more than just me. They could be possibly waiting to receive alot of money. Assuming that 750k people added best of sirius/xm to their LIFETIME sub, thats 100$ cash upfront, so about 75million. Lets say if u wanna be optimistic, 1.5m people add it. its liooking more like 150m.

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    Since this is sorta related, I want to repost what I wrote yesterday.

    I canceled Sirius and to make things more clear, forgot to pay xm (it was shut off). My sirius was canceled in November, but as of today I am still able to listen via Starplayr.

    The only reason I bring this up -- if this has happened to me, there is a chance there are many people out there getting FREE streaming content from Sirius.

    Will anyone explain to me why I still have Sirius for FREE. I'd be happy to PROVE it to anyone. I have already talked to management at Sirius, and they are having the techs look into it.

    So what's up... please respond.

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    Guys I would not worry about that. I know that you have ether had or heard about someone that has gotten cable/satellite for free after it was supposed to be turned off.

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    Here's the deal though --- I called Sirius and they confirmed that the account was closed. And they even ensured that the system had my stream deactivated ( I don't remember the terminology the rep. used).

    There is NO REASON why I should still be listening to hair nation right now thru my starplayr.

    Now if they could only make this same glitch in my for my OEM in my '09 Cobalt

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