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Thread: Daily Market Watch - Week of 3/2/09

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    hey Bill

    Was wondering what the hell happened over here today...nothin!

    Glad you guys hit it big with dry bulk shippers today!!!!

    My money tree hasn't starting to bloom yet this spring, so Im just sitting here watching SIRIUSXM hold last years bumper crop of cash hostage!

    Have a great day tomorrow!


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    Jeff -

    Send me your gmail address and you can join in...If you don't have one just sign up for one on will see how crazy we are...would love to have you. Just PM me with a gmail addy and I will get you in. Also, get goog talk.


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    I will try and set that up in the next view days. However working in rural San Antonio area doing Home Health Physical Therapy, don't have much time during market hours to chat.

    Just wish my loan to SiriusXM had Malones interest rate...instead of the -60% that it has right now!!!

    Might be able to join you guys in late evening(after wife goes to bed) or possible on W/E for Monday morning strategy. Sounds sinister..hahahaha

    have a good night

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    Joined: Dec 2008 Posts: 4,896 your convenience.. It is very serious, but to have you.


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    did you get out this AM before it fell?
    I seem to remember you were in overnight?

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    Dry Bulk Shipping Stocks

    Koop -

    I have them at really good prices....not worried at all. Ray, Tony and myself spent the whole day together in chat and using the same software buying EGLE, SBLK, DRYS, ONCF and they were selling other stuff. So we are all really cool where we are at.

    If the market goes down tomorrow, we will buy more! A guy isn't going to lose with a Dry Shipping Stock....they always come back.

    They may take their dips and have occaisional financial situations, but they keep on ticking. One of the primary reasons is that they are not American owned.

    So, it actually was a great day!



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    Where did we go??

    We disappeared into the wilderness....just kidding....Ray, Tony and myself have been working very hard making money.

    We have been working over the dry bulk shipping industry.

    Mark these down......and watch them and buy according to your means, at YOUR discretion.

    EGLE (hotter than a firecracker)
    SBLK (ready to move on up)
    ONCF (a true steal)
    and of course...............the all mighty DRYS (DRYS)

    Everything else is going to crap in the market, but these little soldiers are paving a way...Take a look at them. Check the charts on them.

    I know that we have let this thread almost croak, but we have just been too busy to be here.

    If you have any questions, please ask in a PM and leave your email address and I will answer them....time willing.

    Have a great one,


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    Edge the of our seats..the white knuckle ride..

    During the last week Bill,Tony and myself have been in discussion over our portfolios..

    conclusion: financials have been hurting us pretty badly...
    We have not found away to gauge the health of the holding companies we have invested in.
    I am currently just holding fnm @.40 and trying to justify it..
    I have moved from abk to oncf,sblk,drys and of course still holding siri

    I was able to pick up some egle at a low 3.82 and friday it bounced and I was able to take profits and put them into drys..

    With Bill and Tonys help, using their trading tools, the week was very educational. We kept in touch through the trading day using google group chat
    and were able to sharpen our thoughts on the trades we made..

    Together I believe our portfolios are looking up..

    Thank you again Bill and Tony for your help...

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    Whats going on Guys!

    Yep... Bill, Ray and I have been having a blast... all of us using the same Trading program....This week should be another roller coaster ride but indicators are showing some improvement in the economy...and maybe we are starting to think could we be finding a bottom....Ocnf will announce its
    4q results after market close Wed...So I think there will be some advances...I've been trying to convert my fianacials into some shipping companies that we have been watching...Looks very promising and I can possible close the gap on the losses with the financials...I still have some C and plenty of other financials that I holding just in case they ( the gov) come up with one more bail out programs blast then maybe I can get back alittle before dumping...Anyway Talk to you all tomorrow!


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    Seat of the pants........................ Iv'e never gotten hurt playing the channel on DRUG , PBT, or TNH plus dividends on the last two. .. killer.

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