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Thread: What radio?

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    What radio?

    I'm looking to get a satellite radio for my John Deere X595 garden tractor. I have a heavy duty FM/AM casette radio that has a speaker and a head phone jacket. The radio is the manually tuning type that has a knob to tune the different radio stations. I was looking at getting the Stratus 5 receiver. I have a 12v plug to use already on my tractor. My main use would be to listen to the NASCAR races while I'm mowing so I would be using the head phones. I'm new to the satellite radios but when trying to decide which radio I wanted, I read some negative comments regarding the installations. Any information would be greatly appricated.


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    My suggestion would be to get a refurbished Stiletto 10. An Stiletto 10 is a portable unit so there would be no installation issues. The antenna is in the headphones. You definitely want to replace the headphones with the Stiletto 2 headphones (about $35.00). Sirius has reconditioned Stiletto 10 for $49.00

    The only issue with the Stiletto 10 is the headphone antenna is not as good as a standard antenna so if you are going under trees you might get more drop outs.
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    Plus the M!rge comes with the cassette adapter so would not have to buy that separately.

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