I know that some people might be thinking that it isn’t possible but, even being the mark that I am, I was able to come up with a couple.

#1 No more gay stunts
Bubba’s Show is the best radio I have heard in my life but, I would definitely be OK if I never had to listen to “homeless ball licking” ever again. Who do you think you are catering to Bubba? Channel 101 isn’t OutQ.

#2 Less marking out from callers
I think it’s really cool that Bubba goes to the phones live but there is a downside. Every idiot that wants to call in to just hear their own voice can get through, which prevents people like me from presenting actual significant information that could be directly contributing to the show.

#3 More Evil Knievel
See #2 above. I don’t mean the whole Evil bit, just cut to the “stop calling me on the phone you motherf@$&” part and then go for the hang-up sound effect.