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Thread: Spring Training MLB??

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    Angry Spring Training MLB??

    I know XM is broadcasting Spring Training games from today. No sign of the games on Sirius so far. I was told by Sirius customer sevice that every MLB game will be on Sirius this year....i'm beginning to think they were lying to me so that i'd sign up for the best of XM....

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    I was told the same thing but it appears that Sirius Customer Service has no idea what they are talking about. Check out this post over on orbitcast. I don't really understand why it is proving so difficult to get MLB games on Sirius. I also don't understand what the advantage is any more to having a Sirius subscription with Best of XM as opposed to an XM subscription with the Best of Sirius.

    If this isn't resolved by Opening Day, that's just what I am going to do.

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    Yep doesn't make sense much to me either. I think XM listeners certainly got the better deal out of the merger if you are a sports fan. They have all the leagues and the games.

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    Reds and Indians are now playing their first game of the Cactus League from their new shared training complex in Goodyear,AZ.It is on FS Ohio/Cincinnati and similcast on STO, and tape delayed on MLB Network.

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