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Thread: What Subscription Should I Get?

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    What Subscription Should I Get?

    Hello. I've just gotten a new car with a 3-month trial XM radio subscription, which expires March 31. I had planned to buy a lifetime subscription to XM Everything as I'm expecting to keep this car and radio for more than 3 years, but my husband told me he read something on the internet about XM (or Sirius?) possibly going out of business. Is that true, or are there rumors about this? If it could happen, it certainly would have a huge bearing on the length of subscription I might get. I would appreciate any insight on this. Thanks. Nancy

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    Although Im a long term investor, Im in the same situation as you. I want to trust the company but I understand reality too.

    Benefit to long term sub:
    The prices on the Internet go up on March 11th, you can lock in free internet with a longer subscription before then.
    Second subs go up $2 also, so if you have a second radio it would be worth $2 a month to extend the subscription.

    I suggest looking at the savings of the lifetime, versus the savings of the 1 or 3 year over a quarterly sub. And add the saving from the free internet and make your own decision.

    Im no expert, but I read that you should be pretty confident that neither of the companies will go "out of business" While they may file to rework their debt, the subscribers will keep the service during that timeperiod. The other theory is, even if that were to happen it would have happened last tuesday.

    Either way, I also have to buy a radio for $230 on top of it all so I may be looking to not drop another $300 on a lifetime at the same time and I can do so after march 11th with only the loss of the $3 internet, and truthfully $36 a year isn't going to break me if I can't figure out a way to hook up my Portable to my computer speakers (which Im sure I can)

    I look forward to other opinions from this site, please help!
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    Smile Lifetime subscription

    I am a believer in Sirius XM company. I don't believe they will completely close their doors. I did have my doubts until last Tuesday when they got the $530 mil loan. That proved that they will be here until at least 2012. I am hoping by then they will have everthing up and running a lot better then they do today. I was reluctant to buy my lifetime membership until that Tuesday. After they were able to pay off that debt I immediately bought my lifetime membership. Not only do I never have to pay for the subscription again but now I also get to listen to it online for free unlike all the new subscribers after March 11th. To me it is well worth the money to have a better choice in music where ever I am!

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