you guys realize that yes on paper we pay high taxes, but with all the loopholes anybody with good money can bring their taxes way down with these loopholes, if we cut out the loopholes like other countries have we might actualy be able to lower our tax rates. People forget that you can work your taxes in a way were most people who have the money to hire agood tax person will end up paying less than some1 who doesnt hire a good tax person. We need to revamp the tax system, majorly. This leads to higher income people actually getting more tax breaks and paying less tax per percentage of income. Dont forget rich people ger rich on the back of the lower income people, if people cant afford to buy cereal, well kellogs isnt going to be rich anymore, if people cant afford milk well borden isnt going to be rich anymore, none of these companies can survive if the small guy doesnt have the money to pay for their services. You cannot sustain a tax system were the rich pay less than your average person, im not talking about the total amount they pay in dollars but the amount compared to what they take home, this is bullshit no matter how u spin it. The rich have been paying less taxes per what they make then lower income people and that is not the way to balance our budget and restore our economy.