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This thread must give a lot of people the willies, because not any new comers enter, probably because they believe that we are some kind of click or something, but we would love to have new people in the thread and contributing. So if you are some new person reading this, please feel free to contribute to the thread here. You are most welcome to join us.
I second that. No one in here bites. Well, except for tripping, but he has had his shots.

Bill mentoned a couple of new stocks last week. ESLR and CSUN. Very interesting. I used to have ESLR and dumped it after a quick spike. If my memory is correct, ESLR was a problemfor me because they did not have any long term silicon contracts at the time, their financials were a mess, and their technology was inferior in terms of energy generation (by a significant margin) to another solar company out there. After I dumped, I never looked at it again. I do know that I made a killing shorting it on the Fool.com portfolio.

HAHA. I havent looked at the CAPS page on fool.com in quite a while. I currently ranked 764 out of 65393, which rankes in the 98.83 percentile! I am the coolest