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Thread: Sirius Stiletto 2 Portable

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    Sirius Stiletto 2 Portable

    Stiletto 2

    After some research I deceided to take the plunge and purchase the Sirius Stiletto 2. The thought of a fully integrated "One Stop Shop" radio was to enticing. After activation and a test drive of the radio song file features I found I neeed much more storage capacity than the limited 'on board memory' which comes standard with the Stiletto 2. I added 4 GB sd chip which could handle all of my mp3 storage needs. I learned quickly that storage was not the only issue. Lacking was the ability of the Stiletto 2 to treat my downloaded mp3 "sd chip" library, as it does an mp3 library stored in the Stiletto 2 flash memory.

    While each mp3 in my personal library was tagged with, album, artist, title, genre.. none of this information was integrated into the mp3 access application features. My mp3's were not visible in Playlist, Genre, Artist, OR Genre categories. My stored sd chip mp3's were only visible in the "Recently Added" category. In this category the file names were long and could not be completley seen without long wait as the file name was scrolled across the screen.

    If you are looking for a good portable satelitte radio with Wi-fi Radio funcitonality, this may be your radio. If you are looking for a "One Stop Shop" unit to listen to all your music, including the hundreds of mp3s you also want to store in the same single satelitte radio unit, .... think twice!

    The onboard file/song management apoplication needs a serious upgrade to satisfy most serious users. An mp3 library downloaded from your computer MUST integrate into the Stiletto 2's ability to manage ALL Song files whether they be stored in Flash memory or on added storage area for an sd chip..

    Your thoughts and experiences with the Sirius Stilletto 2 portable are appreciated..

    Good luck with your search!

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    Love the Stiletto 2. I do not use it for my own personal MP3s. I mainly use it to listen to Sirius, recorded Sirius channels and recorded songs. Are you sure that the features you seek are not already available in the Sirius Studio software or an upgrade?

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