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Thread: Anyone Have SIRIUS in a Boat?

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    Anyone Have SIRIUS in a Boat?

    My Clarion CMD5 head unit is here and I am going to install the radio in my bass boat. I am trying to decide to use the auxillary input with a plug and play or try and find a SIR-CL3. Taylor at says there may be another solution and he is checking on it for me. The boat has a prefabricated space for installation and if I go with a plug and play, it will go in the glove box. I also have a wired remote that will be installed on the driver's console. A pair of Infinity Kappa Marine 602M 6-1/2" 2-way Speakers
    will produce the tunes.

    I have been fishing with the Stiletto and antenna headphones, but it is time to share SIRIUS with others while at the boat ramp and the parking lot of the hotels that host my bass tournaments.

    It is just not right for my boat not to have an permanently installed SIRIUS radio.

    The CMD5:

    My Boat:

    Ranger Boats offer this SIRIUS radio as a factory installed option as well as most all Genmar boats. Genmar is the parent company of many boat manufacturers.
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