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Thread: have factory sirius but want xm.....

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    Question have factory sirius but want xm.....

    What options do I have? I am in Canada but want the best of xm which sirius canada won't give me cuz they're not mergered. I bought a new vw that comes with sirius...never experienced satellite radio before but after a month decided I wanted xm cuz of hockey, golf and baseball games which sirius does not carry. I cannot get a straight answer on what to do to get xm in my car keeping my present radio. Can someone please help me as to what is my best option. p.s. --I am in a bordertown and am wondering if crossing over to Michigan and somehow purchasing the xm usa. would be a viable option. Thanx.

    If the answer cannot be given here can someone perhaps point me to a tekkie that might best come up with a solution.

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    TRY TSS are experts

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    Sent a direct their way as you suggested and they actually took the time to write a kind reply. They actually suggested , ie. cook up a phony U.S. address and subscribe, but they cautioned that not all vw's have the capability to support best of xm. Found out I cannot get the baseball games on best of xm anyways so I guess it is all moot now. Thanx again for your link to these guys.

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