We have heard the news today of Liberty's new involvement in Sirius XM. We are all breathing easier (at least I am!), but what can any additional Liberty involvement add at this point, beyond what has already been made public?

For example, since Liberty offers TV service by satellite, couldn't they add a Sirius XM feed to their service so that their subscibers could get Sirius/XM through their television sets? Using land lines, couldn't Sirius/XM give the feed to Liberty? Liberty already charges different monthly fees depending on how many channels you want to subscribe to. Couldn't they add satellite radio as a separate service, or bundled into their "packages"? Also, how much of the extra fee would go back to Sirius XM, and how much of the fee would stay with Liberty?

Anyone have any comments on this idea, or does anyone have any other ideas of other things Liberty's participation could bring to Sirius XM and, by extension, to us as shareholders?

Also, what can Liberty do that Sirius XM can not do, and how can this now be used by Sirius XM?

And, finally, how much involvement will Liberty have with Sirius XM in joint ventures, and is this to the benefit of Sirius XM?