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Thread: How high could SIRI spike on tuesday and in the coming days?

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    How high could SIRI spike on tuesday and in the coming days?

    If this New York Post story is accurate, I expect a massive short squeeze on tuesday morning. How high could this push the stock? Could it be a multi-day rally? Depending on what the details of the deal are and when they surface, I'm concerned they may be spun negatively. With the stock having already been priced for bankruptcy though, I see the company's escaping bankruptcy and new found viability trumping any minor details. Almost half of the Dec. debt being refinanced was also very positive. According to the NY Post story, this would be a two stage plan and the rest of the '09 debt would be restructured within months. I expect the stock to spike again when this second part is finished. A surprising Q4 report could also spike the stock. The iPhone app hitting the street could also spike the stock. The biggest news of all is that they are not going bankrupt though.......

    How high could the stock spike on tuesday and in the coming days?

    I ask, because I really have no idea. I have heard people say everything from .20 to 2.00 in the short term. I'm afraid of trading it on the way up and selling too soon. It seems like it may be almost impossible to trade the stock in the coming days. How much of a short squeeze will there be? How long will it last? How much new buying interest will there be when it is realized that the company is not going bankrupt? What do the shorts have to hang there hat on now? Would there not be a massive short squeeze on tuesday on this news? Aren't the shorts completely ****ed?

    Could SIRI pop back to over $1.00 pronto or will we be lucky to hit .20?

    Curious what everyone's thoughts are......
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    I have no idea but like you, i don't want to sell to soon if it is going up. Im up in the air as well.

    I prepared myself mentally to write my shares off as a complete loss in fear of BK. Now im thinking about just turning off this damned computer and checking back in about 5 years to see if i can retire or not

    Anyways, thanks for all the work you put into this Demian...........

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    It's no secret how much potential this company has. That is one reason why even at these levels, it is one of the most researched stocks out there. I am hoping that all those people who really wanted to get in, but didn't have the guts due to all the negative spin and the debts etc, will jump on SIRI Tues. I'm thinking that if the NY Post article is correct and we have good 4th Quarter numbers and the debt for the year is dealt with that we should certainly be in the 1.00 range fairly quickly. Now if in quarter 1 of this year, we beat out quarter 4 of 2008 and so on, we could be looking at some REAL growth on our investments. That's just my humble oppinion. I look forward to seeing more responses on this.

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    im hoping we pop back to a dollar, would make sense with bk fears gone, but im at least expecting to get back to .20's

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    IF, all the dept gets wrapped up in one nice little bundle, my guess is a nice gap up on Tuesday, maybe .50 or so.

    Then a steady climb above a 1.00 and beyond.

    It could easily climb just the way it fell.

    Lets hope for the best outcome possible!!!

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    Thinking .50 and wishing that I'm WAAAY off (nearer to $1.00) would be my highest thought, by the close of biz Tuesday.

    $2.00 by the end of 2009.....IF all of the BK worries are accurate and forecasts are correct.

    Cheers my soon to be rich SIRI LONG MATES!

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    I'm just happy im not losing my already millions If it goes up a couple cents I'd be happy. But if it holds .13, I'd be really impressed. Sorry to be the voice of reason.

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    Ok -- im being ridiculous. I would expect to see some nice movement on Tuesday.

    Something else to gnaw on.... How badly does Ergen want Sirius? First answer that question. Now aside from debt, what is another option for Ergen to gain leverage in a near BK company?


    Does anyone here really believe, now that the BK issue is cleared away, that the large institutional holders are going to kick back and give this company to Ergen? Please...................................!

    Just my humble opinion. But what do I know, I'm just the village ditch digger.

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    I would hope that if all of this wonderful news is true that those who have gone through the emotional turmoil of holding this stock for a long time don't just grab profits and run. We have all been through the ringer, and if all pans out by Tuesday, we deserve to take a deep breath and hold on for the stock price to increase over time. Look at the potential of this company if its debt service becomes manageable and debt gets reduced over time! I think we should all have patience and not get shook out because of a feeling of relief just because of all we've been through. We deserve to reap the long-term benefits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Ok, the stock was over $1.00 just 5 short months ago, over $2.00 just 7 months ago, and over $3.00 11 months ago, and $4.00 not long before that. Now with the debt being refinanced and a few strong quarters of free cash flow - due to aggressive merger synergy cost savings, best of both adoption, internet feed and additional radio fee increases, iPhone app driven subscriber additions, an improving auto market, an improving consumer market, new radios like the the new internet and interoperable radios, renewed marketing and advertising initiatives with newly available cash, consumer confidence in the viability of the company now that bankruptcy is out of the picture - it would seem that the stock very well could have a sustained recovery.

    When i think about it - why can't the stock get back over at least $1.00. This would take away the reverse split and delisting fears too. Why couldn't the stock get back to $4.00 this year - with the newly combined company's first profitable year and the debt under control? If the NY Post story is accurate, then the combined company is in much better shape now than when Sirius was trading above $4.00 as a stand alone company a few months ago....
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