Hey, I just bought my sirius sportser 5 through amazon and there a couple of problems I am having. Hopefully some of you may help me. First some information:
I have a sportster 5 hardwired into a Alpine CDA-9851. Power & ground is ran off of a converted 12v->5v cigarette lighter which is t-tapped into the wiring harness. Aux is connected to the back of the head unit.

So, when I turn onto the aux source on my head unit, there is no sound (This is with the FM transmitter setting OFF).

If I turn the FM transmitter ON, I need to go to the "tuner" source and adjust the radio channels accordingly to hear the music. This way, I get a slight noise in the background but it still plays music. I'm sure the sound is not supposed to be there.

Question is, How do I get my head unit to play the music when on AUX mode?

There were a couple of possibilities that I was thinking of which included:
1. Aux cable is connected backwards? each side is specific according to line in and line out.
2. Need an adapter specific to my alpine head unit. Something like... http://www.crutchfield.com/p_127ICAL...arch=alpine+ai
3.Noise interference which can be fixed with this? (although it does not fix the no sound on AUX mode problem) http://www.crutchfield.com/S-CMwILub...w&rvm=ShowAllt

Let me know any suggestions you may have and Thanks in advance.