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Thread: Maybe?????????? Sirius XM Holds Talks With Liberty Media

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    John C. Malone is the Chairman of the Board for the Directv Group, Inc., where he's been since February last year.

    Liberty Media owns approximately 47.88% of the common stock for the Directv Group, Inc.

    John C. Malone is also the Chairman of the board for Liberty Media. He personally owns aproximatley 1/3 of the voting stock in Liberty Media.

    Liberty Media currently owns QVC, Inc., Provide Commerce, Inc., BuySeasons, Inc.,, Inc., and, LLC, Starz Entertainment, LLC, Starz Media, LLC, TruePosition, Inc., FUN Technologies, Inc., Atlanta National League Baseball Club, Inc., Leisure Arts, Inc. and WFRV and WJMN Television Station, Inc.

    They also have interests in Expedia, Inc., News Corporation, Time Warner Inc.,.Sprint Nextel Corporation and IAC/InterActiveCorp (which is Barry Diller's group -- who just announced the merger between Ticketmaster and LiveNation).

    John Malone's 2008 Net Worth is estimated to be worth $2.2 billion... which was self-made.

    Eddy W. Hartenstein was with Hughes Communications for over 20 years -- where he helped start up Directv in 1990, serving as its President from 1990 to 2001. He then served as its Chairman and CEO from 2001 to 2004.

    He retired in late 2004, then joined the XM board a few months later. He most recently became a Director on the newly formed Sirius XM board.

    Hartenstein was a part of Hughes/Directv's early significant investment into XM in the late 1990's... which was sold off around the time of his departure from Directv. The selloff and Hartenstein's departure was pushed by Rupert Murdoch -- who owned the bulk of DTV back then.

    Murdoch then sold DTV to Liberty Media and Malone. Wonder if Eddy Hartenstein would like to be back under that umbrella taking on Ergen again... as a big FU to Murdoch? Keep in mind that Malone and Murdoch fought for years for control -- Eddy Hartenstein's common enemy...


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    Many have been claiming to hold huge numbers of shares for years. No telling really if anyone is telling the truth or not. It is well known however that most people tell the truth on the internet. So we've got that going for us.

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    Be nice to see SiriusXm radios and subs sold on QVC. Maybe that is part of Malone's plans to buy SIRI? Imagine how many subs he could add?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiriusHope View Post
    Be nice to see SiriusXm radios and subs sold on QVC. Maybe that is part of Malone's plans to buy SIRI? Imagine how many subs he could add?
    That's really a great idea. Very smart.

    (the funny side here)

    Yes, we only have 150,000 left for this hour....haha

    But sincerely, that is a terrific idea.

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