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Thread: Does Anyone Know "THE" Answer

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    Does Anyone Know "THE" Answer

    Can anyone answer these questions?

    First, let me say that I feel for those who had stock in Sirius, if Sirius truly does declare bankruptcy. I encountered a situation similar some years back and that is why I now steer clear of the stock market OR I am extremely ………… and I mean extremely conservative.

    My “free” subscription which came with our vehicle officially expires on 2/28/2009. Based on what I had learned on this forum in the past, I had decided I was going to renew with the “lifetime” subscription during the last part of February.

    Now, with bankruptcy pending, what should one do? If bankruptcy is announced, are subscribers safe? Will all types of subscriptions be honored, no matter what the length? If anyone knows the legal answer to these concerns, I would be appreciative.

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    If I were a religious person, I would say that the answer is known only to the Great Satellite in the Sky.

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    I would NEVER buy anything more than a monthly sub right now. I personally cancelled mine totally after all the changes they are making that they were not supposed to.

    But if I did keep anything it wouldnt be much more than month to month. If they go under going to be a bunch of pissed off people on here that have worthless "lifetime" subs.

    I am not a lawyer but I think it would depend on if someone just bought the whole company as it is or if they just buy the inferstructure that exists in the sattelites and stuff. If totally take over probably would have to honor the lifetimes subs, but if someone just waits till they go totally belly up then probably wouldnt have to honor anything.

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    you can take this to the bank, sirius may go bk, but their service will not go anywhere. dont be afraid to sign up if u really like the service

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